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Since 1982, SPARC Camp has been operated by Lorne Park Baptist Church, as an extension of our care for the community. Over the past 36 years, SPARC Camp has offered a variety of creative programs for children.  Each year we incorporate new program ideas to meet the changing interests of children.


We take care in selecting our staff so that they will offer excellent leadership to our campers and provide a safe environment for children to learn and develop. Campers return year after year to enjoy friends and leaders alike.  When campers grow up, they become our counselors because they made such wonderful memories at SPARC.  


In addition to providing a great summer program for children in Mississauga, SPARC staff also give one week of their summer to a volunteer project. This year will mark our eighth year partnering with Oneida Nation of the Thames, near London Ontario, to offer day camp to children in their community.   At SPARC we excel in providing an amazing summer day camp experience.




“My children have both been involved in SPARC for over 10 years. As campers, helpers, and counselors their interactions in SPARC have enriched their lives and been a positive influence. The counselors and SPARC program has been an excellent influence on my children.”


Debra (parent)

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